Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Brokerage Program Set for Customer Relationship-Russ Whitney

The real estate agents enhance their marketing with professional photos. To understand the real estate agents is critical thus by collecting customer insight through a customer brokerage program.Customer insight means obtaining a deep understanding of our customers when it comes to their usage of real estate.

Having this insight into the customers gives information that we need to meet, and exceed, their expectations, leading to customer satisfaction, customer retention and referrals.Customer insight can also be used to eliminate problems that are causing customers to defect and to mitigate some points in preventing potential customers from using various services.

There is clearly an immense value in customer insight, however it was being difficult, and expensive, to obtain without a systematized solution. So one program has being implemented for customers called the IIC(IMotto Insight Council). Thus in order to know what is IIC, and how can real estate service providers replicate the program there are few steps below to learn and create these customer brokerage program.


Before starting a customer brokerage program, you need to determine what you want to get out of the program. These goals needs to be remembered when you create such program like:
a.Understanding and Meeting Customer Services.
b.Lead to Content Marketing.
c.Make Referrals.

2.Advocate Actions

Once you decide on your goals, you must define the actions that you would like to take. It is very vital to know that your advocates have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, as any confusion can lead to inactivity.


The main target of your goal is to choose advocates who are in big support of your service and who would be willing to act in your favor without an incentive to do so.

4.Feedback Loop

To ensure the success of a customer brokerage program, you must make a plan that supports a continuous flow of information between your advocates and your company. By clearly defining channels of communication, your advocates will know when and how to contact you when they have feedback.

5.Internal Controlling

The final step to create a customer brokerage program is the internal infrastructure of the program. It is critical that your company keeps communication channels open to advocates and follows through with customer feedback. It takes some setup prior to starting the program.

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