Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Russ Whitney-helps in setting up your goals

As a broker or an agent, selling real estate is your profession says Russ Whitney, and therefore, you need to treat it as a real business. Towards the end of the year, you should reflect on your production for the past year: What you did right and what you did wrong, then plan for next year. Russ Whitney conveys inorder to ensure a successful and thriving business for the long term, you should set a realistic goal every year that takes into consideration your current capacity.

No matter what you earn per year, Russ Whitney insists you should focus on what your capacity allows you to grow into. Maybe you have more time to spare on work. Or perhaps you value family time more or you want to take it easy. No matter what, your goal setting should start with your WHY first. Below are few Russ Whitney's steps to help you set achievable goals:

Step 1: Real estate sales as per Russ Whitney can be a lucrative business, but many fail because of the false notion of being able to make quick money.

Step 2: Identify your personal and professional objectives.

Step 3: List out your personal and professional goals.


Personal goals

3.Self well-being:

Professional goals

1.GCI (gross commission income) - $_______; NCI (net commission income) - $_______
2.Use your average commission per transaction to calculate number of transactions needed to achieve your GCI.
3.Leads per month that need to be generated:
a.Where do you want your leads to come from? Referral, online, farming...etc.
b.What do you need to do to get those leads? drip email, postcards, networking...etc.
c.Frequency of these activities?
4.Number of hours worked per week?

Step 4: You are now ready to share it with your agents. Russ Whitney tries to understand that you are sharing this not to tell them this is how much YOU want to make, but how much you would like to help them generate next year. Let them know how much you will dedicate to help them generate leads to achieve a certain amount, and the remaining will also rely on their own efforts as well.

You can then strategize marketing, sales and operation plans. Russ Whitney thus says it is important to visualize your goals, so you can be reminded as there will be days you feel tired or discouraged, and these goals will keep you motivated.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Russ Whitney's Helpful Home Selling Tips

As you have decided to sell your house, there are better ways for you to remodel your home so as to get top dollar. These are questions that most sellers have and will usually ask your agent about. Russ Whitney asked 24 other industry experts how would you spend $5000 to best increase your home value and made a post about it. However Russ thought he would run through some of the things that he have done on his listings about various clients who have mentioned during showings.

Normally before taking the listing to market its better to look for anything inexpensive that can make a big difference.Another easy thing to that can make a big difference is light fixtures. Burnt out bulbs and old fixtures have buyers wondering how much they are going to have to spend before they can move in.

Another expense Russ says that isn't cheap but could potentially make a big difference is your front door. If you have an old door and it looks generally unappealing again this is not a super cheap fix but unless you are selling a true fixer upper or original condition home this can really be a boost in the right direction.

Another addition that can add a lot to your room without breaking the bank is to add crown molding. Now this doesn't work in all homes.Each home and room is different but crown molding with a new coat of paint could really transform the whole feel of a room.

The last item worth mentioning is flooring. Wood laminate flooring is pretty inexpensive these days and can make your home look brand new. For a lower end but good looking laminate expect to spend around $2 per square foot installed.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Russ Whitney Suggest Easy Ways Of Buying Home

Home is a reflection of one's heart and personality. The interior of a house is what captivates others says Russ Whitney. However, people nowadays do give importance to the housing society and the amenities and facilities that it has to offer. Mostly real estate groups thereby are now attracting buyers with such offers.

Russ Whitney prefer that it has been easier now than it has ever been for homeowners to rent out a room in their house, or the entire home, for a short period of time to people who come from all over the country.

Russ says there are pros and cons to renting out your home to strangers, which you should consider before taking the plunge into this income opportunity. Buying a house nowadays is considered to be a big thing and it should be considered with the recreational options that can limit each one's offers.

Though the summer is usually the time when people move to new cities. Many people purchase homes in the autumn and winter months.Staging can significantly improve the value of your home and will attract more buyers usually bringing a faster sale. Decluttering, proper plan and cleaning, is something that every seller should do when listing their home.

Decluttered home:

This can be hard throughout the fall and winter months and at the same time, the least amount of little things around the house will make your home look cleaner, which is what a buyer is looking for.

Proper plan:

Buyers plan where to put their own personal items. Seeing homemade decorations and pictures of people will make them think and picturise themselves in your home. Make sure that your decorations are classy and could be found in any home.

Clean Home:

Make sure you try your best, despite of the weather to have your home looking as clean as possible. If you are planning on traveling hire a house sitter who will keep an eye on things and make sure your home is clean for potential visitors.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Double Your Income Through Russ Whitney's Tips

You can double your investment wherein you might have come across marketing so just plan and start investing in it. Such gimmicks have become the trend these days says Russ Whitney but in no way does it mean that such things are genuine. For certain people who are aware of how the financial market functions, probably know that though doubling their money in a single stroke is farfetched, here are certain steps that can help to maximize their investments.

Whether you are a businessman or a salaried employee, having a substantial saving is imperative. You can't work your whole life. So,when you stop working, the money that you have saved throughout your lives will serve you well. For that to happen, Russ Whitney suggest each one of us to focus on the present. Proper planning is really important if you want to stay afloat and financially independent. Determining which features are right for you depends on your goals, your lifestyle, and your needs.

Hold on to your investment
If you have a major investment, try to hold onto it. If you only think of the short term, you will not gain anything.With regular stock investments and Russ Whitney's Building Wealth helpful tips, you can grow wealth quickly and take advantage of dividend gifts throughout the year.

Be aware and invest in stock market
Though the stock market fluctuates greatly, if you are wise enough, you can make a lot of money out of it. Don't think why share prices of a certain company are falling all of a sudden. If you think that the Russ Whitney Real Estate company has potential and gives you a return in the future, invest in it. But you do have to generalize yourself with all the varying aspects of the share market.

Purpose of real estate
As per Russ Whitney one of the best ways to increase your return on investment is by investing it in real estate.Though the return is in the long term, it is substantial. Considering the real estate prices these days, you can be guaranteed a return that's at least double your investment.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Russ Whitney's Powerful Startup Towards Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is an end state that many people hope to achieve. Some do it by sheer hard work. Some do it by leveraging on others. Others use a variety of different ways to do so. The truth is, out of the many who aspire to achieve financial freedom, only a special few actually achieve real financial freedom doing what they do.Below are some of the factors that Russ Whitney, conveys each one need's to keep in mind to live a sustainable life in future:

Influence of Finance-

We live in a generation of globalization. The many influences through media and internet about the lifestyles that people adopt globally do impact how we regard money. The pictures on print media, images on advertisements and videos in movies do impact the way we perceive the norm of money habits. Saving money is definitely not one of the strong messages that appear anytime often in these media.


We live in a generation of consumerism. Shopping is becoming more convenient. We can do it at the brick and simply buy online with the simple clicks of our mouse. Our perception of money is to influence from global trends of lifestyle. This encourages easier spending and more dilute concept of saving money.Without conscious effort, it is easy to give in to these larger forces of influence and sideline your financial future.


What if the start to achieving financial freedom is something basic.If it is something simple enough that can be done immediately you need to put your actual effort into it.This simple start is saving money saving money is not the easiest thing to do for everyone.

Building Wealth-

Setting aside money is the basic first step to gathering enough capital to move on to grow your wealth. It is really important to learn to cultivate a good and disciplined way of saving money so that there is enough funds to keep for rainy days, invest or use for furthering your financial goals.

Reach Your Target-

One simple way to do so is to adopt the "save first, spend the rest" mentality whereby a fixed amount is always set aside for savings first when you receive your income. Whatever is left after you save can then be used for expenditures. Saving money alone is definitely not going to make you rich. However, saving money does give you the basic building blocks on which you can move on to larger goals like growing your wealth and reaching financial freedom.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Russ Whitney offers-Smart Choice to Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Whether it is residential or commercial property, investing in either of them can prove to be successful. If you have the accurate perspective, abundant patience and the required skills, then investing in real estate can be valuable. Success in commercial real estate investments requires the willingness to research and develop the necessary relationships and identifying correct investment choice. Commercial property investment can be helpful; however you must know the pros and cons so as to build the right decision.

What is commercial property?
Property that is used exclusively for business purposes is termed as commercial property. It is one of the main properties out of the three major properties. Other properties include residential real estate that is used for living purposes and other is an industrialized real estate that is used for developed and production purposes. Many Cape Coral City real estate agents deal with all the transactions related to commercial properties.

The businesses to facilitate have commercial real estate usually lease the taken space. Commercial properties include,
  • Office buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Multipurpose buildings
  • Ware houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial buildings
The main question that arises is that, whether investing in commercial property an accurate decision? For approaching to any conclusion, you need to recognize the pros and cons of investing in commercial property.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Russ Whitney-Growing Business By Meeting Client's Needs

As a successful business owner you want nothing more than to thrive by doing what you do best.You want to be of service to your clients and to be valued for that. You want to see the fruits of your labor rewarded. You want to make a good living doing what you love.

Agents who have sale for listings properties need to comply with the rules governing showings and notice of entry.A tenant be given written notice of an intent to enter, there is a special provision covering property that is for sale.

If the owner is selling the property a notice period of 120 day is must and it is sufficient that the tenant be provided oral notice of the intent to enter.

Start by making sure that you really truly have identified the pressing problems of your most ideal clients so that you can meet - and exceed - their needs.If you want to grow your business beyond where it is now, beyond what you've achieved so far, then you need to deepen and develop.

The ability to grow both personally and professionally is essential.To sustain business success you need to grow your business and meet your ideal clients' needs. Your clients receive an amazing experience that's easy for you to deliver. Their needs are met by the services you provide.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Russ Whitney offers-Best Ways to Find the Investment Strategies

Most local banks are indulging to take over the investment banking business, and some highly under-leveraged companies have gained a lot and showed maximum growth. These companies are now progressively tapping onto a new investment through equity offerings to subsidize growth plans.

A majority of banks serves their customers in the most common sector teams such as Telecommunications, Media, Commodities, Healthcare, Real Estate and Fiscal Institutions. Depending on the requirements of the client, the bank tender services, ranging from Acquisitions to Equity and Financing to share sales.

The capital raising bankers indulge in selling securities with the intention of raising capital for businesses.These are mostly in the case of initial public share offering, including the community as an important section. There is an involvement of brokers who finance the public shares to alleviate some threat.

Whether it's a short-term capital investment or long-term capital investment, there are two phenomena to understand. The first one is insignificant, and has less carry out with basic realities. The second one is investment oriented, and linked to the rising of the capital in a new perspective. The flow of capital should be completely encouraged, and the beginning of economically oriented capital controls is a good initiative.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Brokerage Program Set for Customer Relationship-Russ Whitney

The real estate agents enhance their marketing with professional photos. To understand the real estate agents is critical thus by collecting customer insight through a customer brokerage program.Customer insight means obtaining a deep understanding of our customers when it comes to their usage of real estate.

Having this insight into the customers gives information that we need to meet, and exceed, their expectations, leading to customer satisfaction, customer retention and referrals.Customer insight can also be used to eliminate problems that are causing customers to defect and to mitigate some points in preventing potential customers from using various services.

There is clearly an immense value in customer insight, however it was being difficult, and expensive, to obtain without a systematized solution. So one program has being implemented for customers called the IIC(IMotto Insight Council). Thus in order to know what is IIC, and how can real estate service providers replicate the program there are few steps below to learn and create these customer brokerage program.


Before starting a customer brokerage program, you need to determine what you want to get out of the program. These goals needs to be remembered when you create such program like:
a.Understanding and Meeting Customer Services.
b.Lead to Content Marketing.
c.Make Referrals.

2.Advocate Actions

Once you decide on your goals, you must define the actions that you would like to take. It is very vital to know that your advocates have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, as any confusion can lead to inactivity.


The main target of your goal is to choose advocates who are in big support of your service and who would be willing to act in your favor without an incentive to do so.

4.Feedback Loop

To ensure the success of a customer brokerage program, you must make a plan that supports a continuous flow of information between your advocates and your company. By clearly defining channels of communication, your advocates will know when and how to contact you when they have feedback.

5.Internal Controlling

The final step to create a customer brokerage program is the internal infrastructure of the program. It is critical that your company keeps communication channels open to advocates and follows through with customer feedback. It takes some setup prior to starting the program.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Russ Whitney provides-Best Sale of Commercial Property In Market

The market for commercial properties has frequent ups and down. If you’re trying to sell a commercial property, you need to be prepared for all the ups and down challenges, especially if the market is a little slow.You will also need proof of the earnings potential for your property.

The property you owe needs to be known to people so that it can stand out and give an advantage in attracting buyers.Thus the commercial property varies from place to place.In every aspect documentation of income is an important consideration for buyers, and anyone buying commercial property will want proof of earnings potential.

Put the best in sales:

Improving the overall appeal of your property will help it grab the attention you need it to attract a buyer.  The purpose here is not to fully remodel the building, but rather to make it look as good as possible without spending a lot of money.

Listing of Property:

Try to list areas where commercial properties are moving quickly.The least expensive option for putting your commercial property on the market is to handle the sale yourself.Unless you have a lot of time to dedicate property that is meant for sale, you can enlist an agent.

Advertisement and Zoning:

In order to sell your property you need to emphasize its unique points.By just focusing on the unique aspects of the property you could miss potential buyers.Make sure you know everything about the ads and zones that govern your property.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Russ Whitney Shows Some Trends In Improvising Home

The idea of being on trend is appealing to most people, but that doesn't mean every trend is right for everyone.The "long-lasting, good-looking material" as for kitchens and bathrooms, like the danger is in creating a space that looks like everyone else's space. This is precisely used in different ways such as in vertical applications, with dark grout, or in a herringbone pattern for home.

1. Open Floorplans

Take down those walls! Unless you're a person who likes a little privacy, in which case, keep a few up! Open living areas that create more of a great room are still the preferred layout by today's buyers, however loft-like spaces that create one big open room—sometimes without private bedrooms may have hit a wall.

2. Quartz Countertops

Sleek and shiny, quartz has been gaining on granite in terms of popularity over the last few years and is a designer favorite. But if you're in a neighborhood where buyers discard everything but "real" stone, be careful when upgrading your countertops. Buyers will sometimes outright and reject a home because features like quartz countertops seem too modern for their traditional tastes.

3. Open Shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is a growing trend. While the look is fresh and creates more of an open space feel, this form of shelving may not be practical for everyone.

4. Gray Style

Gray has taken over the design world. It's on walls, on floors, on furniture, on counters and cabinets.Use grey to decorate your space from top to bottom, and it'll not only be trying too hard to be trendy.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Secrets that keeps you Motivated by Russ Whitney

Forward thinking enterprises don’t hire smart people, and then motivate them. They hire already motivated people and empower them. People are either motivated or they are not! Motivated people should be challenged, their efforts must have purpose. Without this they will become disillusioned, discontented and soon looking for something else.

Hiring motivated people establishes an obligation for mangers; they must ensure that this employee is engaged. Keeping motivated people challenged is part of what good managers do.As associates are individuals, meaning what works for one, may not work for another.

Managers sometimes disregard the most important techniques when dealing with associates.Managers thus often think Financial Incentives are the best way to keep associates passionate about their work.What most motivated associates require from their career can usually be delivered by their supervisor.

It is comparatively inexpensive to execute.Career development is the key.Holding on to that motivated employee should be an essential part of career development policy and strategic planning for the retention of those valuable motivated associates.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Russ Whitney:Guide to Assess Before Investing in Properties

Majority of property investors tend to invest in average kind of rental properties, especially when they start investing in real estate. These properties pose to have great potential, when it comes to having a steady source of additional income.

People prefer investing in properties there either to own a tangible asset and sell it ahead in times of need or to rent it out to enjoy stable and additional source of income for life.High end or luxury rental properties whether for businessman or a celebrity, are surely a source to earn big bucks in short time.

The luxury rentals help you make big bucks in form of rent in a shorter span.Moreover, all of us want to enjoy financial independence as soon as possible and nothing is better than investing in rental properties.High end or luxury rentals are usually short-term leases, which means you will have to face constant turn over.Rental property is not one size that fits everyone and is also not as easy as it appears to be.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Russ Whitney:Guide of Success Scenario

Russ Whitney is a multifaceted person,a recognized global leader in almost all the businesses.He is the person behind many home study courses,real estate connoisseur,entrepreneur,bestselling author and patron in the field of financial training.

Through his own experience he suggests all readers: If you have an investment property, then how do you go about selling it rapidly when there are abundance of bank owned, foreclosures, and short sales on the market?To attain synthesis in your sales sector, begin by committing the steps to memory, then set procedures, and polish each skill until you are a master of each.

Create a Marketing Plan is the important step and hopefully by this time you have taken interior and exterior photos.Qualifying the buyer weeding through your leads and finding buyers who are able and ready to buy now. The finest way to qualify a buyer is by asking questions.Russ Whitney's principle against investment leads to all beginners in a proper way.

The concealed buyer thinks your possessions might be true for them, but they are not 100% convinced. Your buyers will be a lot extra aggravated if their current situation becomes undesirable.

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