Friday, 20 November 2015

Russ Whitney's Helpful Home Selling Tips

As you have decided to sell your house, there are better ways for you to remodel your home so as to get top dollar. These are questions that most sellers have and will usually ask your agent about. Russ Whitney asked 24 other industry experts how would you spend $5000 to best increase your home value and made a post about it. However Russ thought he would run through some of the things that he have done on his listings about various clients who have mentioned during showings.

Normally before taking the listing to market its better to look for anything inexpensive that can make a big difference.Another easy thing to that can make a big difference is light fixtures. Burnt out bulbs and old fixtures have buyers wondering how much they are going to have to spend before they can move in.

Another expense Russ says that isn't cheap but could potentially make a big difference is your front door. If you have an old door and it looks generally unappealing again this is not a super cheap fix but unless you are selling a true fixer upper or original condition home this can really be a boost in the right direction.

Another addition that can add a lot to your room without breaking the bank is to add crown molding. Now this doesn't work in all homes.Each home and room is different but crown molding with a new coat of paint could really transform the whole feel of a room.

The last item worth mentioning is flooring. Wood laminate flooring is pretty inexpensive these days and can make your home look brand new. For a lower end but good looking laminate expect to spend around $2 per square foot installed.

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